Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award


  1. Go to www.onlinerecordbook.org

  2. On the right hand side, register a new account as an Award Participant

  3. Select New Zealand as the country, and then Training Ship Leander as the award unit

  4. Input [email protected] as the award leaders email address

  5. Follow the

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

Young people can do their Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award through their Cadet Forces Unit, many of the Cadet Forces activities can be counted towards their Award.

Below is a list of many of the Cadet Forces activities that fit with each of the Award sections. You can use other suitable activities, however these are the ones that are an integral part of New Zealand Cadet Forces.

SERVICE: Give back

Give back to your community by regularly volunteering

NZCF activities that meet the service section:

  • Teamwork and leadership conducted while attending unit parades and activities

    • Bronze: Completions of NZCF Year 2 Training

    • Silver: Completion of NZCF Year 3 Training

    • Gold: Completion of NZCF Year 4 Training

  • ANZAC Day, Poppy Day and Remembrance Day perparation and participation

  • Other community service events

PHYSICAL: Break a sweat

Participate regularly in a team or individual sport eg: netball, soccer, kayaking, running, dance.

SKILLS: Find your genius

Challenge yourself to improve your skills and widen your interests

NZCF activities that meet the Skills section:

ADVENTUROUS JOURNEY: Get wild and explore

As part of a small team plan, train for and undertake an expedition or exploration for a set number of days in the outdoors. This includes 20 hours training in bush craft skills and a practice journey prior to undertaking the qualifying journey.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECT (Gold Award only): Leave your comfort zone

Attend a Residential Project and undertake purposeful activity with people who you don't already know.

Most of the NZCF residential training/courses can fall into this section. To meet the criteria of the Residential Project, trainees from the same unit who join the same course must be placed in different syndicates.

Find out more: take a look at https://dofehillary.org.nz/Cadets