Boating Kit

Recommended Boating Kit

New Zealand's weather varies a lot, and cadets must be able to adapt. Keeping warm, dry, hydrated and not sunburnt is highly important when on the water. When we go boating, cadets must always bring the correct gear, to ensure the safety on the water. It is strongly recommended that cadets never take cotton garments on the water. Not only does cotton become heavy when wet, but it also makes the wearer cold. ​

Cadets should arrive wearing the correct garments suitable for the weather.

If you are unsure what to wear, ask. And it is much easier and safer to bring extra clothing.

​It is strongly advised that cadets always bring water, sunscreen, a wide-brim sun hat, a weather-proof jacket in addition to their boating kit.

Please take note that these items are recommended.

Starting from the innermost layer, then working outwards:

1: Base Layer and Undergarments

​This layer keeps cadets warm. The layer forms the foundations of the whole clothing system, so it is imperative that it's right.

For cold / wet conditions, begin with:

  • Sailing thermoskin (Top / Bottom)

  • Wet-suit / Steamer

  • Normal under wear

Followed by:

  • Ice-breaker (or similar woo​llen garments)

  • Polyprops

If you are unsure about the weather, bring extra ice-breakers / polyprops, as these garments are easy to change into, and have a large significance.

2: Mid Layer

This is the layer that is most visible when the outer layers are not worn. It also covers some of the undergarments.

  • Dry-fit / Sport t-shirt

  • Light shorts / Togs

3: Outer Layer

These are the layers that keep cadets dry. These layers should be taken on board, in case cadets gets cold.

  • Weatherproof jacket (Sailing or Rain jacket)

  • Weatherproof trousers

  • Woollen / polyester jumper

4: Head Dress

Cadets should always have some form of head dress. It is recommended cadets wear a wide-brimmed hat.

  • Hat

  • Hat / Cap (GWD Caps are not applicable)

  • Woollen / Polyester Bennie

5: Foot Wear

Cadets should have closed toe shoes. NB: Cadets are likely to get their feet and footwear wet in the sea.

  • Boat shoes

  • Sailing Boots

  • Old sneakers

  • Woollen socks

6: Various Other Items

These items are compulsory for every sailing event:

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle

These items are optional, but can be very useful

  • Woollen / Warm Gloves

  • Sailing Gloves

  • Sunglasses

  • Watch

Layering guide from Gill: